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Project Torque 2.0

Project Torque is one of the few racing MMOs that are actually great fun
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Project Torque is a massive multiplayer online game managed by Aeria Games. The premise of the game is racing, in any form, just racing against others in an online environment. The game is free to play online; you just need to create an account and download the installer to get the game files.

When you fire up the game, you start with two cars and no money. You can hit the tarmac (or dirt) in no time and start racing. In the case of Project Torque, you get Racing Points for every race you participate in, as long as you finish. With the Racing Points you can get new items and other things for your car, as these are fully customizable. You can upgrade your cars or buy new ones. There are several scenarios with tracks where you can race, these can be street races or off-road races.

The game is not quite an arcade racing game, but is not a simulator either; it is a balance between the two, which makes things more enjoyable. There are different events to participate in, from drift, drag and normal races, to a "capture the flag" spin with cars. The graphics are very good if you crank them up, and they don't take a super computer to run, which is good. Aeria Games announced several features that are still not implemented in the game, but this doesn't affect the game-play. This is like petrol-head heaven, and the best thing is that it is free.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great online support
  • Good racing


  • Some features are still in development
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